Oh Dear, Look Where We Are!

Oh dear, look where we areIn a world sinners in itThe thieves, the liarsAnd the alcoholics in it. If it’s sinners vs losersThe loser like me wins in itLosers fight the fateAnd sinners lose their minds in it. Folks from the heavensMade me sputter and inspiredWho I always thought was mineThe fire of hell wasContinue reading “Oh Dear, Look Where We Are!”

Fate (Poem #1) – Sealed Fate!

If our fate is sealedWhere will it be, God?Where to be found?In our hearts,In our mind,Or in the horoscopes?Or maybe in the poems,Those I write?In our soul,In our beliefs,Or in the citiesThose are still to be found?Help us God,Encourage us to be on the right pathEven if fate is sealed and hidden.Guide us,Indicate us,Push usContinue reading “Fate (Poem #1) – Sealed Fate!”


On the mother earthAnd from our ancestors and teachers,Do you expect us to sit and listenAnd believe all about your fake gods?Do you know what there isA demon inside each of us; in History,The demons among us,Will have us destroyed. In this world.Who among us could have spoken up?Against the God,Who continued living among us!HeContinue reading “GOD WITHIN US (Poem #3)”


I avoided fights,Avoided everything really.All the while intently studyingPatiently lookingFor the tell-tale signs,Looking to find evenOne other person like me. When people challenge the God,He curse themWith the label of madness.It is all very convenient.Meanwhile, God can take the form of a swanHe can be mercifulGod can take form in unknown colorsHe can be anywhereHeContinue reading “GOD WITHIN US (Poem #2)”

GOD WITHIN US (Poem #01)

He grants you the abilityTo forecast the future,He wrenches your tongueFrom your mouth, changes youFrom monster into an innocentThe God is generous. In this way, I learnedTo avoid danger, avoid fear,Avoid excitement.These are the triggers that promptMy wingsFrom their resting place deep inside. © Shuhab Abro