Ode To Storm!

In the invisible wind
My heart goes again

kicking up dust
Down the memory lane

When the sun heads out
From serene blue sky

Hurting my sight
On this tired earth

Same old people
Spreading into something new

Forcing me to reminisce
In such uncomfortable shoes.

© Shuhab Abro

Let’s Spread Positivity!

Always be humble to everyone,
That’s not so hard and not so far.

They are people like us,
Living with us in our neighborhoods.

Work with them side by side,
And with a smile by plan and plot.

Not always, you know
From what someone going through.

You might think or believe,
They are not.

But make a room for positivity.
From the inside, they stand quietly.

Beyond the terror and shock,
The street lights may go out.

Chaos and panic may fill the streets,
But don’t get harsh, stay positive for all.

Face the terrorized situations
From many directions.

Shake hands with positivity
And throw out the negativity

Collapse in a moment,
No paranoia here,
Be aware, every moment be prepared.

© Shuhab Abro