Always And Forever!

I never meant for you to know me. I never meant to let you in. But then I should not have loved you. Certainly not that deeply. There is a light in you so bright, It makes me feel Like the man I wish I am. And forget the thing you do. I am chainedContinue reading “Always And Forever!”

My Feelings For You

My words can’t describe it But my feelings for you Yes my feelings are so many But words, are so few. Satisfaction you give me And connection that is pure I’m glad while knowing that I found someone like you. You love me so sweetly I’ll lost if you will go away You are theContinue reading “My Feelings For You”

Hope, Dream, smile!

Lift up your face
Give birth again
To my dreams.

All the wasted tears
All the broken memories
I promise to never make again.