Harlot – Poem #26 – (2021)

You are a woman,
But not a woman a man can trust.
You are a devious woman
A woman who drives men insane.
You promises them your love
And your favors.
But then you changes your mind,
Cheats on them
Goes with someone else.
Do you understand,
What I’m thinking?
Do you understand,
What I’m talking about?
I guess you got me,
That you can not be trusted!
Your promises are worthless,
You will always be a little bitch.
You will be as fickle as harlot.

© Shuhab Abro

Hallucinations, Nightmares, It’s time to wake up! – Poem #14 – (2021)

Indeed, you need to let it be known
She left you, and it’s the reality
Stop hallucinating, she was rarely yours,
And she is not coming back.

She was never an honest person
She never even needed you around
Neither she preferred you, nor she will.
Stop being too good for the betrayers!

If her feeling were true
She would have expressed words to heal
Not to give you wounds over and over
Stop hanging for her she deserves more

Your love, you care, your sentiments,
Your life, your goals,  your everything,
It implied made no deference to her
Trust me, you will heal, you will shine.

World will be taking a gander at you
When you will be knocking the heaven’s door
She was never worth it
She was just a nightmare, it’s time to wake up.

© Shuhab Abro


I never got so hurt
Even when, one of my siblings said
He is a lustful guy.

But I almost died
And sunk in barrage of shame
When you called me a lustful boy.

© Shuhab Abro

So You Will Call It Lust?

So first they will call you, their soulmates.
Then the same people will say,
You just satisfied your lust.

Yeah it hurts dude,
It hurts in your heart’s core
(For You): atmosphere will be breathless.

Suppose your future lover
Will do, what I never did
And then leave you like a trash.

Suppose he will cheat you,
And destroy your life for real
Will you be able to call it lust?

My heart says, you will regret
(Even a thing): You won’t be able say!
Now you’ll be destroyed for real.

And you will say
Abro was best, I was his wife
And husband’s love for wife is never called lust.

© Shuhab Abro