Let Me Not Wander In A Barren Dream!

Oh My soft-moaning RomanceWith tranquil lute!Fair plumed mist!Queen of my heart!Make melodious this rainy day. Shut up you idiot phone, and be mute:Bubye! for once again the fierce dispute,Between curse and heartfelt clayI must burn through;Humbly once more in the assay. The bitter-sweet of this Shuhabain fruitPoet and a cloud of sind,Sire of our deepContinue reading “Let Me Not Wander In A Barren Dream!”

We Are Together While Thousand Miles Between Us!

Thousand of miles between us Only the distance keeping us apart But nothing will ever change The love inside my heart We may not be together today But in our hearts Every minute we are In a lot of ways My sweet potato I just want to thank you For being so understanding And forContinue reading “We Are Together While Thousand Miles Between Us!”

You Never Really Loved Me!

You never really loved me! Did you? If you loved me You could hold me back You could make me stay You could hug me tight And passed me smile But you never really loved me That’s what you did Is not the symbol of love Lying again and again Betraying my trust Over andContinue reading “You Never Really Loved Me!”

Will You Stay With Me?

Why don’t you trust me? Why can’t you listen my heart’s voice? Who could be the one to save my world? You were you are you will. You are my world You are my universe My life exists within you Now who is here to fulfill your place? I’m just a body, without soul! ItContinue reading “Will You Stay With Me?”