Who Are They?

Behind a wall,They walk beside you,Who are they? They wander around,Looking without a friendly sight,Who are they? With a text and chat,They may smile but pretend,Not friends, then who are they? Watches you, stalks you,As you walk, as you speak,Even examine over the way you dress. Judge you with their thoughtsBut what is there toContinue reading “Who Are They?”

It’s not real!

I am a fantasy,I come to life in my dreams.I am not real,I’m a made up storyCreated from a pen. I become realWith the Imagination from a mind.Magic spells, wizards, and witches,Made me realTo see the real world As I became real,I figured out the worldIt’s a scary place to see,All things that are ImpossibleAreContinue reading “It’s not real!”