If I Could Tell You

If I could tell you I would let you know I love you more than I can say You would read all the untold tales You could see the unseen colors If I could tell you I would let you know. I use to smile because of you You may not knew how much IContinue reading “If I Could Tell You”

Let’s write a poem

Nobody know him, Who wrote this poem! He writes not for fame, He writes, what he feels. Let’s write a poem! About emptiness. What are we smiling at. Even in blankness. Let’s walk in a flow. With the same aim. Peace of mind. And love of soul. Let them walk away. Who want to stayContinue reading “Let’s write a poem”

Crazy Confession!

YouTube for vloggers WordPress for bloggers Facebook for timepassers Instagram for love makers Snapchat for showoffers Wikipedia for philosophers All the social media Is just ruining our lifes Live the lifestyle The way you want Like crazy gamers And adventurous’ Live the life like me Only like a book reader! © Shuhab Abro