Thanks ex, My Dear – Poem #03 – (2021)

A big thanks to you my dear
For breaking up my heart.
I’m serious about my words
You knew how serious I was
In our relationship,
Now that is Nameless.

How mad I was for you.
I spent my whole days
Just thinking about you.
The importance I gave you
More than anything else.
I kept my everything aside.

My wishes and my goals.
I forgot everything.
I was so in love with you

I still remember those days,
While having a meal
With you on video call.

One day you left me, broken!
Anyways, that is past,
I am so happy now.
When you left,
I was so suffocated!
I spent my time,
With your thoughts.

Then I got an idea to write,
Which was actually,
What I could best.
But I never got time of your thoughts.
Now I have plenty of time
And I am doing it, yes! You heard it right.

One more thing I learnt
The only thing you taught
Which was the most important.
Self love, being self loved is best.
Now I focus only on myself,
And you know I’m enjoying it.

A big thanks to you, dear!
For teaching me everything,
How to tackle difficult times,
How to motivate ourselves,
How to enjoy every moment,
Today whatever I’m, I owe you for that!

Once again thank you so much my dear ex. Thank you for the break up!

© Shuhab Abro