That is All I Know – Poem #20 – (2021)

Thou’t be anyone.I know not, how to belong to anyone. It’t be mine, who’s anyone. I am rooted,  yet I flow.All gold, all silver running slow.Mine own brain, Mine own heartIs all I have, and I do own. Since thou dream things like the stars,Our worth doesn’t seem to matter much.Most exciting or almost not.That isContinue reading “That is All I Know – Poem #20 – (2021)”

Desire – Poem #10 – (2021)

Make me silent with your moansMake me beat you to and fro Be an echo of my soul.Make me strong with your moves. In the light of your gaze,Make me tear apart or at least try Put out my burning heart.And replace it with your charm. Let me wrap around youWhen you say, do everythingContinue reading “Desire – Poem #10 – (2021)”