We Are Together While Thousand Miles Between Us!

Thousand of miles between us Only the distance keeping us apart But nothing will ever change The love inside my heart We may not be together today But in our hearts Every minute we are In a lot of ways My sweet potato I just want to thank you For being so understanding And forContinue reading “We Are Together While Thousand Miles Between Us!”

But I Won’t Blame You!

I’m going through the darkest time But I won’t blame you My life is messed up My future is on bet But won’t blame you I trusted you I love you the most But in the end something happened to you I’m broken I’m shattered But I won’t blame you I let you come inContinue reading “But I Won’t Blame You!”


Who said we met unfortunately? Everything happens for a reason. Who says we aren’t meant for each other This is a chessboard In the end everyone will leave King and Queen will remain. I’m the king and you are a queen You know this life is designed By someone who knew us intimately So youContinue reading “Chessboard!”

Final Emotions!

It would be better for you if you did (love) Better For you to believe, I’m the true bastard You would paint me and see what you want to see. And the one day, when all this was past I might find you and profess my innocence. And because you are you, You would believeContinue reading “Final Emotions!”

Will You Stay With Me?

Why don’t you trust me? Why can’t you listen my heart’s voice? Who could be the one to save my world? You were you are you will. You are my world You are my universe My life exists within you Now who is here to fulfill your place? I’m just a body, without soul! ItContinue reading “Will You Stay With Me?”