To Kill A Mockingbird (book review)

3/5 stars ⭐ This will be a short review! This book was published more than 60 years ago, has also been used as an educational book for countless young students. The main problems represented in this book – Racism, disadvantage, rape, false accusation of rape, all of these are hateful and really should have neverContinue reading “To Kill A Mockingbird (book review)”

The God Of Small Things (Book Review)

First of all I want to tell you, I was not about to review this book, but some of my friends and followers asked me to. So as per their wish specially my friend Priha noor, here we go. Honestly, I wanted to be in love this book, but it was so terrible at someContinue reading “The God Of Small Things (Book Review)”

Three Cups Of Tea (Book Review)

By the time book was over I was feeling like some of us got lost in Pakistan while climbing mountains and building schools for impoverished girls that would otherwise have no future.
I think it would have been more inclined to enjoy Mortenson’s story in a magazine article than in this extended 330+ page (book) tribute to him.