The energy of my beliefs – Poem #24 – (2021) – Your beliefs become your inner truths.

When you believe in something, you allow those beliefs access to your energy—space in both your mind and soul where they rest, expand, and slowly become real. When you believe in a good world, you bring more goodness to the world. When you believe in the power of love, you amplify that loving power. When you believe in yourself, you open your life to infinite possibilities. Do you see how powerful your mind is? This is why it’s so important to believe in ethical, healing, bright things. Your beliefs have the ability to change the world. Choose them with love and intention.

The energy of my beliefs!

If I could see the energy
Of my beliefs
It would be glowing
Soft and gold
Bright and loving
What I believe in
Becomes my truth
And heals both
Myself and the world
May these words be heard

And A Thousand Memories Trigger

He saw, she was getting tired
And he was not the cure

He put his arms around her
And she whispered “I’m not yours”

With tearful eyes he watched her fade
He loved her but he could not make her stay

His heart stopped beating
And a thousand memories trigger

God broke his heart to prove
He gives only the best.

© Shuhab abro