You Never Really Loved Me!

You never really loved me! Did you? If you loved me You could hold me back You could make me stay You could hug me tight And passed me smile But you never really loved me That’s what you did Is not the symbol of love Lying again and again Betraying my trust Over andContinue reading “You Never Really Loved Me!”

Come Hold Me Again

I’m feeling foolish Just because You’ve been fooling me With someone You aren’t you Who used to be mine. Who’s bad idea was that anyway? Said, we needed space We just got closer Late at night Missing the little things Simple as it as I can’t forget the way you left. I pour the shotContinue reading “Come Hold Me Again”

Will You Stay With Me?

Why don’t you trust me? Why can’t you listen my heart’s voice? Who could be the one to save my world? You were you are you will. You are my world You are my universe My life exists within you Now who is here to fulfill your place? I’m just a body, without soul! ItContinue reading “Will You Stay With Me?”

My Hurting Heart!

What if I tell you I wrote a poem That won’t lie! But before that Sit back You are about to cry! Knowing that I can’t go back I’m writing thee a poem, To tell you how hard I try! I’m living a life filled with pain I’m Lonely and nothing to gain I neverContinue reading “My Hurting Heart!”

If I Could Tell You

If I could tell you I would let you know I love you more than I can say You would read all the untold tales You could see the unseen colors If I could tell you I would let you know. I use to smile because of you You may not knew how much IContinue reading “If I Could Tell You”