Mysterious – Poem #19 – (2021)

How often are they goneExcused and hidden,assumptions and suspicionsabout our intentions are made by them. They have an audience,Hippocratic and insinceritic. Persuading and telling themthat they are the onesmisunderstood and mistreated Mysterious and puzzlingElusive and SlipperyNot on their own!Shuhab is the reason. © Shuhab Abro

Five years together, down the toilet just like shit!

She left me because I was not adequate, our values transformed, I was not responsible enough, I never tried to understand her, our mistakes never justified each other’s errors, I always neglected the signs she passed via simple gestures. I was miserable for quite a long time afterward. That was to be expected. But IContinue reading “Five years together, down the toilet just like shit!”