Once Upon A Time There Was A Tharkii

Tharkii” is a word which means lascivious or dirty suggestive, divert or lewd.

Tarrhu” in sindhi and urdu, which means (A boy who looks for girls). It is typically used to address a person who constantly engaged in birdwatching (watching girls), who has girls on his mind for 24×7. A guy who likes to flirt with girls, some people say, Tharkii is someone who is extremely talented in hitting on girls.

Last night when I was having a little research about the stuff to finalize this blog, I was reading some comments about tharkii people, there was a comment by an Indian girl (Ritika Nema) according to her, “Tharkii is the one who is characterless or who has no character of his own.”

Oh really? No character of his own, LOLzZ. HaHa! I think this mighty girl is pretty much furious to poor-hearted tharkiis.

Let’s have a journey inside and deeper!


I know you are tired of people saying, “hi there, you are cute, I like your smile, I like your eyes, Blah Blah….” I can imagine how irritating it can be when someone invisible jumps up and says, “Do you wanna be my friend or can I be your friend” and you be like, “Do I know you?” Hence whenever I acclimated, I definitely didn’t done same thing neither I ask any of the girl to be my friend. All I did each time was just start a conversation and it developed my friendship on it’s on.

So that’s how they talk! yes I’m talking about the poor-souls and underrated commonly known as tharkiis. Sometimes it gives a funny feeling saying that word.

According to my experiences, conversations and meetings with girls, I came to know this very interesting fact that they constantly face such people in life. No matter how a girl looks like or how much sensible the girl is, tharkii people won’t stop hitting on them.

Tharakpan is just an immaturity of poor-souls nothing more than that. If I say, I suffered that bug of tharakpan in my head it will not be wrong, HaHa!

Now the question arises, can the tharakpan be controlled or it is la-ilaj (untreatable)? Last night when I was having a little chat with my kinni chokri, I reveal to her that “I’m writing a blog concerning Tharakpan,Tharkii people, and my adventures and experience about it and one important thing, how I experienced my own life in tharakpan?” after listening to me carefully she was like, “Bae ap abhi bhi tharkii hi hain, tharakpan ka koi ilaj nahi wo la-ilaj hoti hai.” At first I was a lil bit speechless, HaHa! But somehow I spoke up for my rights lol. According to my practical knowledge the tharakpan is a disease, in general it is a curable disease if you find out your true soulmate.

Poor-souls tharkii people are caused by the situation of their complex, obsession and phobia of not getting a girlfriend.

The thing about tharkii people is their confidence, statistically proving the confidence! A tharkii won’t take more than 3 minutes to ask for a girl’s phone number in the first chat.

I do not feel any kind of shame to admit that I was also a tharkii boy once in my life! I was one of them who use to text again and again to the same girl for their attention, oh really! will she become attentive to you? why bro? does she know you?

These questions use to appear in my mind now whenever I get lost in my thoughts. How foolish I was! but sometimes those kind of things can teach us lessons that we did not think we need to know. I know it sounds strange but this is the truth.

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I will remember. Involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin

Whatever you want to do for enjoyment you have to do, but for God’s sake do not be the playboy with a girl’s life, do not destroy any of the girl’s trust over you and all the boys indeed.

In my life I met with so many girls, many of them do not trust boys. In their opinion all the boys use to be playboys. It means either they experienced the loss of their trust or they do not know that five fingers are not equal. I am not trying to say that I’m the guy who never broke someone’s faith in me. But it is just a kind of flow. To build up your trust over someone you have to break an other one’s. But the real thing is when someone give you the taste of your own medicine. Yes indeed you will be completely destroyed.

If you look close enough as I did that day when I met one of my best girl-friend. I can tell she had her broken heart. There was something in, the way she was smiling. The dull glow and glimmer of her eyes that tells me someone or something has smashed her into million tiny pieces.

Unfortunately, we have all been either the recipient or sender of such unoriginal, trite and potentially terrible flirtations messages. Sometimes you actually hear yourself saying the line, and then immediately filled with regrets.

Collectively, through the most frequently noted motive is relational, suggestive that flirting messages are fundamentally driven by the desire to build up a relationship. It is not always about sex.

How To Fight With Your Stress

stress.jpegIt may seems like there’s nothing you can do about your stress. There will never be more hours in a day, and your work and family responsibilities will always be demanding. But you have a lot more control than you might think. Stress running is about taking charge of your thoughts, emotions, circumstances, lifestyle and the way you deal with your problems.

“Studies show that our craving for sweets increase quite dramatically when we experience long-term stress,” Dr. Heidi Hanna, executive director of American Institute for stress, tells “Don’t deprive yourself of the occasional treat but practice eating slowly, calmly and mindfully.

I have never been someone who likes a lot stuff. If you look in my closet you will see most of the same clothes. If I have things I do not need or I do not use, I don’t keep something just in case I might need it someday. To me living a simple life is not just about stuff, it is also about slowing down and appreciating each moment. I still have a lot of hard work to do, there are many accomplishments and performances are waiting for me IN FACT.

I do not want to be so distract and stressed out all the time but my personality does not always help. I want to do everything for everyone all the time, and do it perfectly of course. That sounds nice but it often leads me to burnout and seems to take me further and further away from that simple and happy life I’m thirsty to create.

As new year tackled, I had started thinking about resolutions, just as the calendar turned to 1st January I had been thinking about it so much, there is no time like present. I don’t want to look back on my life and wish there were things I had done differently, in order to become a well person I need to simplify.

If you are living with high level of stress you are putting your entire well-being at risk. Stress deal out destruction on your emotional equilibrium and self-possession, as well as your physical health. It narrows your ability to think clearly and it also effectively function on your enjoyment of life.

Stress is a part of life, and you can not always avoid it. But you can try to avoid situations that can cause it. And you can control how you respond to it. After you know what is causing your stress, try make some changes in your life.

Here are a few tips:

* Manage your time.

* Find a balance between personal work and family needs.

* Make sure about choices you make.

* Live your life with a great lifestyle.

* Have a sense of purpose in life.

* Get enough sleep.

* Adopt healthy habits. (staying healthy is best defense against your stress)

And here are some ideas about the simple things you should do which can make you the happiest person.happy

Next time when something good happens around you, stop whatever you are doing! Give it a second and appreciate that moment. “Stopping to smell the roses?” Its true, people who take time to appreciate beauty around them really are happier, focusing on the positive and appreciating those things more leads to happiness.

Sharing good news with your partner is a happiness double whammy. It soothes you delight, pleasure, fondness, happiness, enjoyment and improves your relationship. But good news does not come along every day, create a series of actions or type of behavior regularly and become invariable to your partner. Try some actions the two of you can be engaged in, simply! Do kissing sometimes, take tea or coffee along, or look into each other’s eyes for a while or may be more. Do any thing that slows the moment down for appreciation.

We all want to be happy and sometimes it seems so hard to get there. But answer is simpler than we think and here it is in front of us.

Slow down, Appreciate and Enjoy the little things in life.

The Lessons 2017 Taught Me

This made me think back on the last 361 days of my life. The conclusion is that 2017 had been an amazing year.

This past year, I have done things I had never tried before – both good and bad. I have pushed myself past the limits I had been too lazy to push past before. Yes I know it sounds funny, but really 2017 had been a great year. The best part is that the most crucial lessons of my life I learnt this year.

There are two most important lessons I have learnt in 2017:

1. Never Give UpScreenshot_2018-01-04-21-35-14-1[1].png

“Great people are just ordinary people with an extraordinary amount of determination.” -Robert Schuller

Every time when it seems now I am gonna give up this little quote encourages me and probably I can’t stop myself. Life always seems to present us with countless challenges and problems on daily basis. Sometimes it even presents us with apparently awful surprises that we were not expecting.

It is not so much what happens to us that actually makes difference, it is rather what we do with, what happens to us, that decides where we will end up, what we will have, and how we will be modified.

I know, everything we want to do it takes its time to happen but hard work is force multiplier. We effort the path of least resistance when it comes to achieving success. As a blogger and a writer, I have personally learned that success takes time, hard work and commitment of never giving up. Keep the big picture, what are you wishing to do? Do not let anybody discourage you, Just do it. If you keep the final goal in mind, you will get there. You really will! And when you do, it will be so worth it.

It took me freaking twenty years of my life to finally learn that, but oh well! “better late than never.” It was a good phenomenon that I had come to realize, which most people never do their entire life. letting go is the easiest thing to do really. But the real thing is to be committed with till the end.

At some stages of life, it is also name of letting go, letting go what? letting go all those things which aren’t made for you, letting go your past, letting go your ego against those who really care about you. Stop giving chances to people who are poisoning your life. One thing we all need to stop right now, that waiting around for someone to show up and change our life. Just be the person you have been waiting for.

In my personal life the only thing with is undecidable is my love, love of my life. Even I know I have only two choices – one is to accept her just as she is, the way she wants to live, the way she loves me, the way she is passionate about me. – And the other choice is to walk away. But as I told you letting go is not the way. And walking away is one of it’s kind. Giving up on anything is my defeat and defeat is not acceptable. If she thinks I will stop loving her then may be she is wrong because if I stop loving her soul it will be brutality to myself. I use to remind myself whenever I do think about love of my life that, Someone is going to win in my space, why not me? I know one day I will celebrate my positive energy and huge amount of momentum when my all the dreams come true.

Sometimes I feel so lucky when I examine or I got to know someone is inspired by me, believe me I feel like my life is not just an ordinary life it is a gift, a gift to me, my parents, and them who appreciate.

Living in the past is disrespectful to you, let it go and move on. If you don’t want to move on it will destroy your life. If you think you can rectify your mistakes you did in past then it’ll be really good chance to do not give up but at some grounds it is just worthless.

If you feel like a failure and want to quit completely, but I dare you to take another shot. It is not easy but someone said:

“You were given this life because you are strong enough to live it.”

By not giving up you’ll learn something new and interesting, may be even something overwhelming and deep! Life is a journey and its destination will must be sweet, just keep going and remember,


Dare to dream and hold your ground.

2. Stop Comparing Yourself To Otherscomparison

“Comparison is the thief of joy.” – Theodore Roosevelt

Comparison are always unfair we typically compare the worst we know of our to the best we imagine about others. You have nothing to gain but everything to loose like your pride, pleasure, arrogance, dignity, honor, prestige, most important you will loose your passion. Comparison always puts focus on wrong people, so you must control one life – it’s yours. But when you constantly compare yourself to others, you will waste your precious energy focusing on other peoples’ lives rather than your own.

If you think you are comparing yourself to another because you are getting motivation or you are inspired by them, then you are absolutely wrong because you can not copy anyone else, everyone is just expert in their own life and yes! Everyone do have different question paper of life, so there is no chance to copy anyone else. The funny thing is, this is what most of us do at one point or another but some of us do it pretty often.

If you capture the strengths of others and compare them to your weaknesses. Then how do you think you do size up?

“The reason why we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scene with everyone else’s highlights reel.” – Steven Furtick

The reasons why you should stop comparing yourself with others:

1. Comparison will stall your progress.

2. Just keep in mind, Nobody has a perfect life.

3. There is no one better than you, who can fit in your place.

4. Comparison will rob your precious time.

5. If you think you are imperfect learn to say OK.

6. Count your blessings, many of us not blessed with.

I am sure you already know all the the tips I mentioned above, may be you have heard million times. But it is very important to rehearse it. comparing yourself to others make your life difficult and brings you agony, depression, affliction, troubles, and pain.

Michelangelo said – “Every block of stone has statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.”

It does not matter that what anyone else is doing with their block of stone, the statue that they are liberating is one of their own targets. But how well you are doing with your own block of stone is your business. And we must tend to it with honor, care, compassion, and admiration.

“When we have allowed for more expression this year than we have in last, and more importantly we recognize it then we can stand taller as a result of the comparison instead of shrink by it. In other words, we have to continue to become a new and improved version of ourselves.”

Beauty Of My Mind

I tried, into the deep ocean
with all of my motions.

I saw, towards high in sky
with all of my emotions.

Nothing was special, nothing I found
nothing was like you, worth more than you.

Neither happiness, nor love, you loved me.
Neither ocean was deep, nor sky was higher than you.

I tried everyday, everything, everywhere.
Got nothing special more than you.

My everything belongs to you now,
my world, my heartbeat, my name.

Anything if I want,
that will be you, that’s enough!