Beauty Of My Mind

I tried, into the deep ocean
with all of my motions.

I saw, towards high in sky
with all of my emotions.

Nothing was special, nothing I found
nothing was like you, worth more than you.

Neither happiness, nor love, you loved me.
Neither ocean was deep, nor sky was higher than you.

I tried everyday, everything, everywhere.
Got nothing special more than you.

My everything belongs to you now,
my world, my heartbeat, my name.

Anything if I want,
that will be you, that’s enough!

Thoughts In My Mind For Her

Her angry face, makes me more addict
believe me her smile in huffy face
makes me more to her, addict!

It is not that is I do appreciate
believe me saying sorry, holding her out,
trying to make her smile is my addiction

Seeing her face smileless, kills me sometimes
but I know in any old corner of my heart
every time her angriness seems like new task.

My heart knows she herself can not
remain snappy, stroppy and wroth
more than the specific phase

I believe in her more than anyone else
I do not know if she is goddess or
result of my dignity, honesty or good deeds.


Colors of February and Spring

February, February!

I’m waiting for you.

Dear spring!

I’m waiting for you.

I’m in love, I’m in love,

with you and your activeness.

February, February!

the way you are short,

short is always smart,

the way the most important day

exists in you, called the Valentine’s.

The feast of homo sapiens,

celebration of devotees,

dominion of lovebirds,

return of swallows,

happiness all around,

motivation throughout.

Spring, dear Spring!

I’m always attached

with your facts,

first of all,

Vernal your Equinox.

At the day time,

the vocals of birds,

their horned appeals.

Season like an Eid,

sowing the seeds,

time to be agreed,

months to get married.

You let swarm,

honeybees in farms.

“Festival of colors”

“St brigid’s day”

“Chinese new year”

It’s all undertake in you

Dear Spring! I’m waiting for you.