Together We Were Stronger – Poem #18 – (2021)

We fought, we laughed
We walked away, we came back
We listened, we yelled
We walked, we crawled
We got lost, we followed
We screamed, we cried
We burned, we froze
We tried, we tortured
Accepted then rejected
Defeated and cheated
Misplaced and chased
Hated and debated
Manipulated and divided
Shaken and destroyed
Mistaken and clarified
We were stronger for longer
We were shattered, but recovered
We improved and moved together
We were alone, but we found each other
Together we were stronger.

© Shuhab Abro

Let The World Know, We Ain’t Giving A Fuck – (Specially written for Nayab’s birthday, 1-Sept-2021) – Poem #17

If you love me,
Let it be seen
For the love’s sake,
You have in your heart.
I love you more when you smile
Because sometimes that all
What I need in my life
Let me speak to you gently
So I never hurt you again
Seeing you hurt kills me slowly
Fall for me once
I won’t stand up again
Against your will
Let me give you
All you need, all you want
And all you’ve dreamed of
Look at me the way
You can’t stare at anyone
Own my every single inch
Like I was sent; just for you
Keep one thing in mind
I won’t ask for anything in return
Except your honesty and trust
Let me tease you
The way nobody can
Because I own that right! Right?
Oh sweet love
How will I survive without you
Where would I’ve been,
If you were not here?
Speak to me gently
Coz’ my heart is broken
My soul is shattered
My body wants material
My mind wants peace
My heart needs you back
My soul has a claim;
“Our souls met heaven!”
So were are basically soulmates
There is a trick that
Can give you hope
Makes you happy
It’s called
Don’t let anybody make you think
Decide for yourself,
And make it happen
Don’t even let;
Your mind control you
Control it.
There is no route without hurdles
There is no destiny without sacrifice
Can’t we sacrifice our ego?
Can’t we make them prove wrong
Those who saw us getting away
Those who were rivals of our bond
Let’s just kick there assess
And lit a fire inside their holes.
There is nothing wrong
To be alone for a while
But you should know something
This distance between us
Is already killing me every second
I can’t even explain, how!
Please don’t snatch away
Our little chats
And few things
We are holding right now!

© Shuhab Abro

You are all my resons – Poem #16 – (2021)

I accept it all
I accept my every fault
But my quest has taken me through
Physical, metaphysical, delusional
And back.

I predict all that,
That you will be my award
Near the end of my long, fruitful life
In acknowledgement of the deeds I did
Years ago.

I have made the most important
Discovery of my life [You]
It is the mysterious equations
Of love!
Any logical reason can be found.
But I am only here today
Just because of you.
You are the reason I am.
You are all my reasons.

© Shuhab Abro

Five years together, down the toilet just like shit!

She left me because I was not adequate, our values transformed, I was not responsible enough, I never tried to understand her, our mistakes never justified each other’s errors, I always neglected the signs she passed via simple gestures.

I was miserable for quite a long time afterward. That was to be expected. But I also held her responsible for my misery. Which, take it from me, didn’t get me very far. It just made the misery worse.

I was unable to control her. No matter how many times I called her, or screamed at her, shouted at her, or begged her to take me back, or did other creepy and irrational typical-boyfriend things, I could never control her emotions or her actions. At last, while she was to blame for how I felt, she was never responsible for how I felt. I WAS.

Eventually, after enough tears, my deduction began to shift and I began to understand that although she had done something awful to me and she could be blamed for that, but it is now my own obligation to make myself happy again. She is never going to pop up and fix things for me. I need to and have to fix them for myself.

To blame others is only to hurt yourself.

Insomnia defeated – Poem 15 – (2021)

I see myself in the shadows of a leaf
Falling into the perfect gardens
Compressed to the green blades
Growing pointy and sharp broken mirror.

I never passed the withered assumptions
Spreading wrong words wasn’t my thing
My face never dialogued with raindrops,
But now I’m digging my own grave in rain

The perfect posture of my lips,
Seriousness of my eyes
Leaves of the your garden hiding me
But you are there watching stonicly
Mute and unassuming,
As if you don’t know me,
As if you are Nayab with Iqtedar.

I’m naked out there, under the sky
Walking through the frozen hell
It caused such pain,
Now i can’t even stand tall
I’m gathering myself,
And looking for the pieces i lost to you

This excites me more than you do now
I’m close to remind myself, all this happened, how!

© Shuhab abro