Wherever you may go, you belong to me.

“Don’t worry!” she said, “I’m too selfish, I told you I’d leave.”I was silent, weeping deep inside.She further said; “we always find, what we are looking for.”After she was gone far far away.I said to myself; “I am looking for something too. All the time, everywhere. I don’t know what it is, but it’s somethingContinue reading “Wherever you may go, you belong to me.”

Five years together, down the toilet just like shit!

She left me because I was not adequate, our values transformed, I was not responsible enough, I never tried to understand her, our mistakes never justified each other’s errors, I always neglected the signs she passed via simple gestures. I was miserable for quite a long time afterward. That was to be expected. But IContinue reading “Five years together, down the toilet just like shit!”