The energy of my beliefs – Poem #24 – (2021) – Your beliefs become your inner truths.

When you believe in something, you allow those beliefs access to your energy—space in both your mind and soul where they rest, expand, and slowly become real. When you believe in a good world, you bring more goodness to the world. When you believe in the power of love, you amplify that loving power. WhenContinue reading “The energy of my beliefs – Poem #24 – (2021) – Your beliefs become your inner truths.”

Mysterious – Poem #19 – (2021)

How often are they goneExcused and hidden,assumptions and suspicionsabout our intentions are made by them. They have an audience,Hippocratic and insinceritic. Persuading and telling themthat they are the onesmisunderstood and mistreated Mysterious and puzzlingElusive and SlipperyNot on their own!Shuhab is the reason. © Shuhab Abro

A Tribute!

Hey! You know what? I’m not fine.I wish I could get some more wine,To forget everything that’s going on,As I’m listening to a beautiful sad song. Is this distance thing, you can digest?A little more time, can’t you just invest?Just tell me that it will be okay one day,Keep listening to all the shit IContinue reading “A Tribute!”