An Untold Ode – Poem #25 – (2022)

My heart still refuses to give up
But I must face the facts,
I must look back at all the details you left,
Together we could’ve gone further.
Even though you are gone
Leaving legacy of sorrows behind.
I won’t be sad, I won’t be mad.
Instead I will cherish things,
And moments we’d together.
May God bless you with happiness,
But I’m cursing all those
Who came in between us.
May you achieve greatness
May you find the reason to be alive
And live your life at your fullest.
I ain’t giving up on you.
I have a lot of reasons not to,
On 11April2020 you told me that;


It’s a quotation you sent,
Found it in my archives.
I want you to know, I still care
And I am always here.
Still remember our last kiss
That had been given and taken,
Has still left some sweetness on my lips
I never really reawakened after that.
It’s hard to say, but it was last I suppose
I was longing for you all this time
But you didn’t care
I was waiting for you
But you didn’t return
I was unfinished,
But why you were done?
I don’t even know.
There were more chapters to read,
But you chose to close the book.

© Shuhab Abro

Lame Joke – Poem #24 – (2022)

Hello, my name is Shuhab
Born to be sort of funny
Grew to crack some jokes
I only make old folks laugh
But I am not good at my job
Unlike my brother Tommy
Who makes everyone laugh
It seems my life is so tough
Under pressure I always buckle
Fail to get a single chuckle
My folks are not amused
These days, I’m not even used
Sending me now to prepare
To end my freaking despair
Outside in multicultural environment
When I’m done
I’ll come back with pun
Then they will find me funny
And everybody will like me

© Shuhab Abro

Don’t Kill The Love – Poem #23 – (2022)

You cut me like a knife
When you said goodbye
I am lonely now
Are you feeling lonely too?

We could fly away
But you broke me again and again
I am falling now
Are you falling down too?

So many times
You tore me apart
Then walked away
When there was nothing left.

How could you do this to me?
Everything was so perfect
Until you broke my heart
And I lost my mind.

I crumbled to the ground
Since you let me go
I dream that
You are the one I hold so close.

In the moon light
Under the open sky
I’m crying to the stars
Cuz’ I really was in love with you.

How could you let it go like this?
Our time was not over yet
Look we are still alive
We promised, it will end when we die.

You killed this love
You can make it alive
Just spare it for the sake of your word
You gave me when we were involved.

It was a mistake
But we can fix it
Don’t kill the love anymore.

© Shuhab Abro

You the Only Sun Ray of My Life – Poem #22 – (2022)

Saw you in my dreams
Realized you in love songs
Shaped you in my drawing books
Watched you on Instagram
Reached out to you to be my friend
That’s how I found you.

I found the greatest love
Then I started dreaming about us
All day and all night
Couldn’t sleep while having you around
In the shape of you on my wallpaper
That’s how our love began.

I don’t know why you left
what did I do to make you go away
You were the one who brightened my day
Made all the dark clouds go away
The light that come down on me,
You were the only sun ray.

© Shuhab Abro

She & That Man – Poem #21 – (2022)

Her bright beauty
Twinkling, flashing and shining
As she got loved by everyone
Hoping it’s all true.

But the man she promised to,
Fairy tale promises? I won’t dare to say,
All assurance and vows seem gone
And that man became blurred.

This isn’t what she wanted
It isn’t what she promised for
Niether the situation they’re in
She ever asked for.

So she searched something inside herself
As she sat confused
Finding the truth refusing to accept lies
Uncomfortably addled.

In her deep memory
The man still blurry visible
Not completely forgotten
Not completely perceptible.

But that man, he stands broken
Looking at the past and figuring out
Crawling to edge finding a way through
Barely able to get a width to reach back.

That man squinting into her thoughts
Trying to whisper some words to his dear
This is not the end, my love
This is not what we meant to be.

© Shuhab Abro