It’s not real!

I am a fantasy,
I come to life in my dreams.
I am not real,
I’m a made up story
Created from a pen.

I become real
With the Imagination from a mind.
Magic spells, wizards, and witches,
Made me real
To see the real world

As I became real,
I figured out the world
It’s a scary place to see,
All things that are Impossible
Are pretty positive and possible

Everyone is busy with their own shit
Nobody is ready to give a fuck
Nobody cares who lives who dies
Everybody is in a race to touch the sky
But they aren’t sure
There are thousands of skies
After the one they want to touch.

© Shuhab Abro


What’s happening to my creativity?
Am I still dreaming of anonymity?
Can’t I rip my soul open like before
I Don’t know what I need anymore.

Am I not damaged anyway?
I shouldn’t pretend by the way
Feelings must flow freely
For the sake of legitimacy.

© Shuhab Abro


What will come any minute now
So he stays awake, not to miss anything.

What is he waiting for by the way?
He forgot that too along the way.

Walking alone on the empty roads
Hopefully nobody is paying attention.

As he checks his phone again and again
For a missed text or anything else.

Making sure he doesn’t miss the one chance
Of redemption, he begs for in his sleep.

© Shuhab Abro


Something inside me,
Refused to breathe
And now I’m falling from the sky
I’m a meteoroid
And I’m coming towards the ground
I’m breathless and I will fall
Nothing can stopt me, I’m fire
And I will destroy you all
I’m waving my own flag
Red one, symbol of hazard.
My head won’t ache
When I’ll hear your cry.
Death is almost there
And it will rain wash away.
I’m breathless
And I’m already dead
Being [breathlessnes] killed me
I don’t even remember how many times
I’m out of my lines
Natural disaster with courage
I’m coming for you.

© Shuhab Abro

Through The Rain Drops!

Blind love happened
When I was still teen
I fell onto her affair
For romance fair.

Love started from scratch
I was trajectory
Towards her heart, I travelled
The thought of losing her
Made me so scared.

We were ready to climb
Every mountain of love track
And went down via rain water
Before the rain stopped.

Before the rain stopped, I realized
By her side, I was safe
There was a harbor, so bright!
My heart cried, never let her go,
Never let her go.

My heart, pledged
I gave her my word
And started getting to go
Through the rain drops
We reached a river bank.

There was a crazy moment
I can’t stop admiring
What we had
While she was with me
She served me with a kiss.

A dream? She said!
No! it’s a little more than that.
I replied
I wasn’t clear
But the picture was so real.

© Shuhab Abro