So You Will Call It Lust?

So first they will call you, their soulmates. Then the same people will say, You just satisfied your lust. Yeah it hurts dude, It hurts in your heart’s core (For You): atmosphere will be breathless. Suppose your future lover Will do, what I never did And then leave you like a trash. Suppose he willContinue reading “So You Will Call It Lust?”

That’s Not A Way To Say Goodbye!

When someone asked, What happened to you two? You were the perfect, You were soulmates, You were good lovers. Her face used to shine in your eyes! Her name was in your every sentence. Wasn’t she your treasure? Wasn’t she your dream? What happened to you two? I replied! With tears in my eyes; ThereContinue reading “That’s Not A Way To Say Goodbye!”