Dead inside, uncomfortable outside, but still hopeful – Poem #13 – (2021)

Uneasiness, anxiety, fatigue
Crawling up the walls

Rest of the nights depleting endlessly
Cigarettes are turning into my appetite

Eyes totally open, gazing at void walls
Listening same vocalless melody
Again and again

Expecting a cheerful closure,
Sometime soon

Structure underneath my clothes;
Like skeleton meandering around

Heart inside my chest,
Idk beating or not

Void inside,
yet confident for more promising times
Long periods of satisfaction; I deserve.

I’m even frightened of myself now
Imagine a scenario where I hurt myself unexpectedly

Imagine a scenario where this is my last objective
I’m so harmed,

I need somebody close by
Who can put head onto my chest

Reveal to me my heart doing incredible

Who can tell me;
They are here to compromise and care.

Who can truly
Externalize their meaning of care

Who can quit accusing me
Again and again

Who can truly show
Some regard to our bond

I’m in a scenario where
This is my destiny now

No one here is truly free
Of their own disorder
For sure!

No one is prepared for a danger to take
I can expect and accept.

Presently this is my life
A conventional one,
Ordinary like every other
Nothing intentionally changed.

How about,
We simply change this world a little
With our own endeavors

We should simply
Not let the affection bite the dust
As a result of undeserving fews,

We should keep it alive,
Through and through!

We should simle a little everyday,
Or atleast try
Nature accepts grin
Is first principle of love.

© Shuhab Abro

Published by Shuhab abro

Fearless fighter

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