All The Bright Places – (Book Review)

I read this book because my girlfriend compelled me to, and it was in my bookshelf since last 3 years and I had no intention to read it any soon.

I’m not a fan of contemporary romance books, but I enjoyed this one, despite knowing the ending (Thanks to Nayab Iqtedar). I felt All the Bright Places was kind of realistic, it deals with so many issues like mental health, suicide and labels without sugar coating them.

The story is told from two point of views: Finch’s and Violet’s – two teenagers who need help to survive in this world.

Finch is constantly thinking of ways to kill himself. Violet is counting the days until she graduates and can leave Indiana behind. They know of each other but meet while both are standing on top of a bell tower contemplating to jump. As the novel progresses, you keep searching for signs of hope along the way. Finch gravitates towards Violet. He has an uncanny resolve to keep Violet steady and on track. What transpires is an unlikely pairing under very, very serious circumstances. Finch battles those demons from within day after day for Violet until he no longer has that tiny flicker of light.

Jennifer Niven did an amazing job showcasing all of this and I felt so deeply connected to the characters and their struggles.

This book isn’t for everyone. Trigger warnings for suicide, it is the type of story that ride you into action.