To Kill A Mockingbird (book review)

3/5 stars ⭐

This will be a short review!

This book was published more than 60 years ago, has also been used as an educational book for countless young students.

The main problems represented in this book – Racism, disadvantage, rape, false accusation of rape, all of these are hateful and really should have never existed in the first place within our world and society. But unfortunately they do!

Story wise – the first half was a little difficult for me to get into. I was waiting and waiting for the events to start happening. The second half went much faster, especially because of the court room. If it wasn’t for some part in the first half that bored me, this would’ve received 5 stars. But if we talk about the message to be taken from this book, that was without a doubt an important one.

It was a good novel. But I started this book with expectations those were too high. I tried reading it so many times, but could not move ahead on many occasions.

There was no conflict in this book. There was nothing interesting that compels me to read more.

Recommended to Americans and people those are against the racism.

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