UnLoved – Poem #01 (2021)

From where the love’d to come
Love for your UnLoved?
Will you not miss ’em?
Missin’ ’em not, stoppin’ y’self to,
Is that the way to UnLove ’em?
From forgiveness to Forgotten?

You think you’re not a monster,
You must not care what they think.
If you care what they think,
How will you not hate ’em, well!
You became monster for ’em, well!
Kind of monster known’s [beloved- UnLoved]

They’ gone and they came not
They are free of you na’
As, They free’d you, You free’d ’em, well!
They’re as sunlight t’thou but isn’t it tru’
Dark night had to come.
Final shade had to go!

(All rights reserved © Shuhab Abro)

Published by Shuhab abro

Fearless fighter

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