A Tribute!

Hey! You know what? I’m not fine.
I wish I could get some more wine,
To forget everything that’s going on,
As I’m listening to a beautiful sad song.

Is this distance thing, you can digest?
A little more time, can’t you just invest?
Just tell me that it will be okay one day,
Keep listening to all the shit I have to say.

Oh my soft love hug me tight that warms,
Don’t go away, make me forget problems,
[About you] Let me pour out all my fears,
[For you] Let me shed a river of tears.

How can you say things you don’t mean.
How can you just quietly walk away?
Now why don’t you need me to stay?
But to you and your courtesy I’ll tribute anyway.

Is that all, what you want to hear?
Isn’t it you want me to say, I still care?
Okay, frankly speaking, yes I do care.
But can’t you just stop being a nightmare?

© Shuhab Abro

Published by Shuhab abro

Fearless fighter

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