Through The Rain Drops!

Blind love happened
When I was still teen
I fell onto her affair
For romance fair.

Love started from scratch
I was trajectory
Towards her heart, I travelled
The thought of losing her
Made me so scared.

We were ready to climb
Every mountain of love track
And went down via rain water
Before the rain stopped.

Before the rain stopped, I realized
By her side, I was safe
There was a harbor, so bright!
My heart cried, never let her go,
Never let her go.

My heart, pledged
I gave her my word
And started getting to go
Through the rain drops
We reached a river bank.

There was a crazy moment
I can’t stop admiring
What we had
While she was with me
She served me with a kiss.

A dream? She said!
No! it’s a little more than that.
I replied
I wasn’t clear
But the picture was so real.

© Shuhab Abro

Published by Shuhab abro

Fearless fighter

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