Act Of Letting Go

He gave up everything for her She ended up abusing their love Yeah she called it haram He just needed a pure attention It was his mistake I suppose She called it time pass (lust) She was everything He earned in his entire life She left him alone For the world he introduced He isContinue reading “Act Of Letting Go”

Once and for all the great July

You know what, since my childhood July use to be my favorite month. There is no school and it is rainy, plus hot as well. You can go swimming. And get to go for vacations. This is why I like July. Is it just me, or do we all have one favorite month? Magical thirtyContinue reading “Once and for all the great July”

A Smile To End A War!

Her smile was enough to end a war I see her face everywhere I go I hear her voice in my dreams And I feel the lingering ghost of her touch A smile to end a war I feel responsible Perhaps if I had known her more I could never let her go Something wasContinue reading “A Smile To End A War!”

My Failure!

She is my pure poetry Inside and outside She is my beating heart Voice and my light I feel it I’m not lying I want to love her wildly I love her the way she smile Now it’s up to her decide wisely I hope one day she will be ready To give her heartContinue reading “My Failure!”