Ali’s Wedding (Movie review)


ALI’S WEDDING is set in a close-knit Muslim community in Melbourne, Australia. That’s made up of transplanted families who have escaped persecution from their home countries. Their leader, both spiritual and cultural, is Mahdi, a wise and courageous Iraqi man. His son, Ali is caught between the traditions of his family and the modern liberalism of the West. It’s a critical moment in Ali’s life. He’s about to take his medical school entrance exams, and he’s aware that his family is ready to choose a bride for him. When, in a moment of great fear of embarrassment for both him and his family, Ali tells a significant lie, he’s hurtled into a world of heightening deception, along with the dread of exposure. Only his budding but “forbidden” relationship with Dianne, a young Lebanese medical student, gives him support. Unfortunately for Ali, the arranged marriage can’t be stopped. And, at the same time, a jealous rival of his father, senses the truth, and determined to unmask him. This critical time in Ali’s life appears to have become unmanageable.


The combination of endearing lead characters, an imaginative plot, and good looks at a flourishing Muslim community in modern Australia makes for a comedy rich in texture and warmth. This story really happened in the life of lead actor and co-writer Osamah Sami (Ali), though surely the filmmakers have taken some dramatic license with the truth. How wonderful that Sami was able to enlist the talented, first-time feature director Jeffrey Walker to bring his “journey” to film, confirms his ability to brighten his subject matter and find that sweet spot that endears his characters to audiences.

Performances are all first-rate in Ali’s Wedding. Special kudos to the two young leads, Sami and Helana Sawires, and Don Hany, who makes his Muslim cleric both wise and funny. The production is rich with flavor: settings, costumes, music. Everything just works. Recommended for teens, especially romantic comedy fans.

I Rate This Moviealiss.jpg

I will this movie ummm! 9/10. The best part of the movie was seeing a Muslim couple kissing on the road was like it is all I want, hehehe!


You need to know that Ali’s Wedding, is a warmhearted rom-com about a young man whose life is changed forever when he tells a lie. “Based on a true story,” the tale is set in today’s Australia among a Muslim community whose members have immigrated from various countries in the Middle East. It presents a humorous and very positive look at a religious culture undergoing dramatic shifts while holding fast to some of its most valued traditions. It’s a love story, for sure, but almost as much a love story about fathers and their children as it is about the young couple who fall in love. Occasional insults are heard, such as “f–k,” “s–t,” and “goddamn,”. An ethnic slur, “godless Arab donkey,” is used as well. Expect some kissing, and a sexual banter. I would like to recommend you this movie to watch with full concentration.

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