My Hurting Heart!

What if I tell you
I wrote a poem
That won’t lie!
But before that
Sit back
You are about to cry!
Knowing that I can’t go back
I’m writing thee a poem,
To tell you how hard I try!
I’m living a life filled with pain
I’m Lonely and nothing to gain
I never thought we would be apart.
I’m surrounded by darkness,
And I’m full of shame.
Now you are gone.
Heart without peace and no one to blame,
I’m siting here thinking about you,
My cheeks are wet with tears route!
I know they said love is blind,
That’s why you were always on my mind!
But You just left me like a scratch.
I want you to know,
It’s so hard to go,
I never wanted us to be like this.
Now someone else makes you smile,
And my heart seems to die!
I won’t lie, it’s the most painfull part.
I’m hurt so deep!
But I will heal I will go on as you said,
But I will never forget thee!

© Shuhab Abro

Published by Shuhab abro

Fearless fighter

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