Let’s write a poem

Nobody know him, Who wrote this poem! He writes not for fame, He writes, what he feels. Let’s write a poem! About emptiness. What are we smiling at. Even in blankness. Let’s walk in a flow. With the same aim. Peace of mind. And love of soul. Let them walk away. Who want to stayContinue reading “Let’s write a poem”


Reasons behind all of above types of corruption are casual attitude, lack of commitment, non clarity of good values, laziness, personal inability, avoiding hard work, much desires and accordingly strong urge for accomplishing or achieving those wishes,  Someone rightly said that behind every great fortune there is crime. Unfortunately everyone wants great fortune and are least bothered about the part (crime). Quranic verse says that earning halal, judicial and fair livelihood is Ibadat and a person doing so is friend of Allah.

Can We?

Can we become strangers again? Can you give me back my that friend? With whom I started, The Hi! Hi! conversation, With whom I was Secretly in love, With whom I used to be The best guy in world, Who was my pride and my habit, Can you show me the path? From where weContinue reading “Can We?”