My Experience Of An Impulsive Trip To Mangla

Mangla is a city that seems to steal a little bit more of my heart, may be a small city but it’s got a lot going for it.

If you are looking for the most classic and archetypal place to visit, Mangla is it. Perfect destination for a great escape. With a driving time of just 2 hours from Lahore.

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Mangla that you could spend days touring around, but my top pick is Mangla Dam. The favorite I did here is to pay a visit to Lerhi wildlife forest, which offers the most up-close and personal experience with wildlife I have ever encountered.

And there are some amazing places inside the Mangla Garrison (cantonment). One of my regular spot was sunset park, where you can watch glorious sunset for a few minutes, the sky become spectacle of color and then it’s over. If you love coffee then you have to check out the Baral cafe where classic coffees are on offer at any time.

It amaze me how many people have get to visit Mangla, very few places in Pakistan can match the peace and breathtaking scenery of Mangla. There is also a lot of history in Mangla too, Mangla is the site of the historic Ramkot Fort, the fort is situated on a high hill overlooking the Jhelum river which divides the Mirpur, Azad Kashmir and Jhelum, Punjab.

A part of Mangla Fort was razed during the construction of the Mangla Dam, however a large part remains and serves as a public recreation place. After completion Mangla Dam, most of the Baral and Sultanpur Thill area was taken over by Pak Army and converted into cantonment._MG_8542.JPG

I remember when I started planning my trip, I had no idea what I was doing. when I decided to get my friend Agha Mubashir along with me in this trip. Just a day before leaving Karachi, Agha and me reached cantt station (Railway station in Karachi) to book tickets but unfortunately we could not able to get tickets (It is long story to tell you what kind of tragedies we faced that day, lolzz). But some how we booked our 2 coach tickets for the next day.

Just after booking our tickets we went towards Saddar bazaar side and walked into a shop who was selling jeans pants and I bought two jeans’. Those made the trip seems a little bit more facinating.

Day after next day, we reached at my brother’s place after continuously traveling 27 hours via road. I know travelling via bus is more difficult on long route, and travelling with anyone is also difficult if they are not your siblings. But there are only a few friends that I think travelling would be completely easy with. Agha is one of them._MG_8044.JPG

As time flew and we grow up. some things change, some things change some don’t. Sure it is other to stay connected with your family via phone and internet. But spending of a few days out of your atmosphere with your siblings mean you miss out. Miss out on a lot of things that going on in their regular life. From mood swings to daily habits, new found interests, their current playlist in car, likes and dislikes. You might think you know most of it, yet you may not._MG_8329.JPG

We spent about 15 days, first day started with the birthday of my brother. And next few days we tried out, game in golf course, feed the fishes at MVP (Mangla View Point), bike ride, had a picnic, played indoor games like snooker and table tennis in Garrison’s officers mess. Archery and skeet shooting inside the cantonment._MG_8830.JPG

Sometimes the best thing to do is joking with your friend it makes you feel relax and enjoy the moment.

In my traveling experience I think this trip was a lot of fun. And credit goes to my brother Bhao Ashfaq and my friend Agha mubashir who made it possible. Yeah I know I’m not satisfied with Agha’s photography but to be honest he is a great person and his company with me is really very precious.

The only thing I will miss in great amount, the nap under the warmth of the sun, daily in the morning. I was totally tired at the end, when we were leaving. _MG_8056.JPG

However, It was very nice trip in to the elevation. And if you want to rest a little bit from the sea, it is a good gateway.

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