It’s Like That

Even when no was ready to understand, at least you heard me, you did. You know it is not only about understanding or giving advice. It is just that I need someone at that moment to make me feel I’m not alone. Even though you are bad at comforting, you are listening me and nodding, I like it. It is better than what others do just giving suggestions even though I won’t really take.

May be they couldn’t appreciate but you did all the time and I’m glad. You knew all I was just a nod. Silence was also fine.

Watch me cry even though you did not hug or do anything great to comfort me. But you did not leave me alone in any situation. You were perfectly between what could have been done at least and almost, you did not leave on me.

It was just floating between us all the time. Sharing much stuff with you, and all I did . I liked it.

Published by Shuhab abro

Fearless fighter

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